Require Your Tenants to Properly Maintain Your Rental Property

It is often expected by the landlords to maintain the rental property they own. However, it does not mean that the tenants do not have any responsibility on their part. Every state has set some regulations pertaining to who’d be responsible for which kind of maintenance, but the rental agreement will prove to be helpful in setting clear expectations regarding which maintenance activities will have to be performed by the renters and which will be the responsibility of Landlord.

Even if a tenant agrees on performing complete property maintenance, you cannot ask him for this legally. As the landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that you Hendersonville TN apartments are habitable and safe. How habitability is defined can vary from state to state but it means all the major systems like electrical, plumbing, heat and has should be in proper working condition. Windows and doors should not be in broken condition, and there should not be any leaks in roofs. In case if it is stated in the contract that tenant will handle all the repairs, you still have the responsibility of ensuring that you have an apartment that is habitable.

Tenants should be held responsible for taking proper care of your rental apartments while living there and they must handle all basic maintenance chores like changing the light bulbs. If it is specified by your contract, other maintenance chores such as mowing the lawn or changing the furnace filters should also be done by the tenant. They must keep your property clean as well as make sure that everything is working properly.

When some damage is being caused by the tenant, it is normally their responsibility to take care of all the repairs to the rental properties in Hendersonville. For instance, if the window glass is being broken by a baseball throw from the son of the tenant then the tenant will handle getting the glass replaced or repaired. As windows are normally the part of habitability responsibilities of the landlord, it is good to fix it quickly so that payment can be collected from tenant later on.

Landlords can also add a clause in their rental contract with the tenants which requires tenants to repair and maintain items that are known as amenities. Some examples can include swing set or swimming pool, but the amenities may cover for nonessential appliances as well such as dryers and washers. Typically, these items are also held to same standards pertaining to damage as that of remaining property; if any repairs are needed for them due to getting damaged by the tenant, it is always the responsibility of the tenant to get them fixed. But if these are listed by the contract as the tenant responsibilities, every maintenance duty has to be performed by Tenant.